Me and Audwin - CopyWelcome to my journey to age 40 and beyond… I have kept private journals all my life. When I reviewed even the earliest entries, I found even then, I had an unrelenting unhappiness with one or more physical attribute.  Plainly put, I have been very unhappy with my physical appearance for a long, long time. One day, I had to ask myself, why?

This blog is about discovery — of self — boxes, deep dark crevices and recesses I have chosen to place my true feelings.  It’s time I told it like it really is and deal with the transparency of it all with whatever is needed, be it correction or just a shrug of the shoulders.

Join me as I look inside my own thoughts, weird and common habits, responses and feelings to hopefully discover HIS purpose, my destiny. I want to let go of what I don’t like about me and embrace the me He sees. Sounds like a tall order?



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